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My name's Diana, of legal age, from Asia (: My friends call me Dianne or Dii. I'm a college student struggling to pass each semester :P I'm a crammer, a procrastinator, a writer, a dreamer, a flooder, an advertiser (lol), a leader, a fighter, a daredevil (figuratively) and a party girl. I'm loyal, stubborn, fun-loving and spontaneous at times. I'm a very outspoken person and I'm not afraid to say what I think (but I do mind the things that come out of my mouth). There's a difference between being outspoken and being tactless (: Hahaha, and I'm very nice to the people who deserve it ♥

I went through numerous fandoms, but I found one that is for keeps (: I adore Dong Bang Shin Ki and everything about them (well, not everything everything) XD Their music (hit or miss), relationships, dorkiness, retardedness (I firmly believe there's something wrong with everyone 8D), awkwardness and the other things that you can attach a -ness at the end. Dong Bang Shin Ki yongwonhi ♥
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I got married to ♡ KIM JUNHO ♡ on FEB 23, 2009

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