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Stand by U ♥
26 December 2023 @ 02:11 pm

Please comment to be added (:

- No random adds, please ^^;
- Add first, and then comment. I won't be the first one to add you 8D
- As long as we have similar interests, then it's all good!
- If you're a TVXQ fan, then all the better :D
- A short introduction would be awesome, lol.
- If you're from OneTVXQ.com / dbsg, hi ♥
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Stand by U ♥
03 January 2011 @ 03:21 pm

It's been 5372627282018 light years since I last updated my LJ :x I hope everyone on my f-list is having a good year so far. Happy New Year, everyone :D

I hope I can update more this year because of the LJ apps out there. I want to update more, haha.

Happy 2011, y'all!

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02 November 2009 @ 09:50 pm
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I won't believe anything until they say it themselves on TV, on a press conference, etc.
If they're going to break our hearts, they might as well do it to our faces (so to speak).

...not that I think they will *coughs*

Always keep the faith, and hope to the end. The five of them will never part!

(I know evernine will kill me, LMAO. AKTF, Lauren :DDD)
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Stand by U ♥
090703 TVXQ on tv asahi MUSIC STATION
- Talk + Stand by U

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I totally feel the Arashi x Toho love 8D ♥ *shot* ROFL XD

Filenames: 090703 TVXQ on tv asahi MUSIC STATION - Talk [hikkichan].ts
090703 TVXQ on tv asahi MUSIC STATION - Stand by U [hikkichan].ts
Date: 2009.07.03
Sizes: 256 MB + 149 MB
Dimensions: 1440x1088
Duration: 0hr 1min 27sec + 0hr 2min 31sec
Link type: Mediafire
Mediafire Folder
Source: hikkichan @ JPS
Credits: diana© @ OneTVXQ.com // xxtranscendence @ LJ

DO NOT HOTLINK. Lead them to this entry instead (:
Please leave the full credits intact if taking out and reuploading ♥

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090530 The 3rd Asia Tour Concert
'MIROTIC' in Seoul on TBS (mp4)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

For lalajae (: ♥

Filename: 090530 The 3rd Asia Tour Concert 'MIROTIC' in Seoul on TBS [HQ_TVXQ][OneTVXQ.com].mp4
Date: 2009.05.30
Size: 608.82 MB
Duration: 1hr 42min 51sec
Link type: Megaupload
Source: hq_tvxq (original video)
Credits: diana© @ OneTVXQ.com // xxtranscendence @ LJ (conversion)

DO NOT HOTLINK. Lead them to this entry instead (:
Please leave the full credits intact if taking out and reuploading ♥

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Stand by U ♥
Fan account by: diana© @ OneTVXQ.com / xxtranscendence @ LJ

Zone: SK
(May contain some typos *coughs*)

Note: I'll be skipping some songs XD I'm just going to share the memorable stuff. I think my really long fan account for Day 1 was enough? ^^;

The bloody part of the tour is now over XD We're now safe from the standing zones, hahahaha! A big, big thank you for asetwisai unnie andsrisin unnie for managing to get us tickets, despite the really short notice. I can't express how grateful I am ;_;
We would have been stuck in the BR / BL zones and I don't think my legs could take it (they're still aching from the Taekwondo I did last week >< Argh)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Anyway, we didn't go to the venue early anymore since our seats are fixed anyway. We left our hotel at about... 1:30(?) and then arrived at the Impact Arena at around 3:00 pm. We were walking around, taking pictures of the fanmade banners, the venue, the posters, etc. We were looking for sharingyoochun's banner, but we can't seem to find it >< We've been looking for it since yesterday since I read beforehand that they will have a banner there.

HoMin love 8D
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And some SuMin? XiMin? *feels strange* XD
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

We threw away our bottles of water (since food and drinks aren't allowed) and my eldest sister hid our camera somewhere in her small bag. LOL, she got through the inspection XD The same happened during the SMTOWN Concert. After two / three inspections, the camera(s) were safe. Too bad we weren't able to use, though :/ Security was still REALLY strict *stabs them* The SK zone was well-lighted, so anyone taking pictures would be easily seen. Oh well~ A lot of people got good pictures, anyway (:

We were led to our seats and as soon as we sat down, someone from TVXQ Event approached us. Remember the Memory in Blue Project? I posted it on dbsg here and on OneTVXQ.com here (: She started to talk to us in Thai, but my sister stopped her and said, "We're foreigners." XD She automatically switched to English and she handed us three glowsticks (candies included XD):

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I was all, "Oh! Is this the Memory in Blue Project?" and she looked happy because we already knew about it 8D
Thank you very much to TVXQ Event for such an awesome project <3 They were really organised. They quickly gave the glowsticks to everyone in the S zones ♥

Btw, the songs TRI-ANGLE and 'O'-Jung.Ban.Hap were playing before the start of the concert and we were all singing along. Everyone was really getting pumped up XD You could really feel the energy! Sitting in one of the S zones was really fun because everyone was so enthusiastic. We did this wave thing with our arms four times and I think the staff members were pretty amused XD

I was able to appreciate the songs more since we're now sitting down and there are no ahjummas pushing us anymore x_x There was this annoying girl behind me, though. She was screaming like a banshee everytime it was quiet and I really wanted to punch her >< She was that annoying. I mean, it's okay to scream, but for heaven's sake, DO IT WITH EVERYONE. Her "Aaaaah" screams were giving me the willies O_O

During HEY! (Don't bring me down), fans were trying to touch Changmin's and Yunho's feet as they were being carried to the middle. LOL, they were jumping up and down and were trying to hit them with those YAMAHA noise makers D: I think they wanted the boys to fall so they could... *coughs* LOL, this is becoming NC-17, hahaha! The "I need a girl" during the last part made everyone lose it. Yoochun at the middle just exudes this aura and you can still feel it from far, far away XD

Guuhh, I just couldn't get enough of Are You a Good Girl? 8D I was able to see all of them properly this time. Yunho's hip-shaking was just too much for me, really XDD I failed to notice everyone else because his dancing was just akfdhs ♥ I know this sounds bad, but I got a bit distracted by Min's armpit hair. Srsly ><
The smex part was when they sat on the stairs and crossed their legs at the same time. I was screaming so loudly that my brain felt like it was able to explode *dies* And oh god... When they did the hip thrusts at the same time... I HAVE NO WORDS XD

Omg at the Hug Rock Version XD Yunho was feeling a bit more playful at that time and he really wanted to remove Changmin's jacket. We saw Min's black wifebeater(?) and LOL, he really ran away from Yunho 8D

I saw Chun's greasy dance again before Love Bye Love, and this time, he gave the rose to the AL side. According to my sister, he just threw it to the fans instead of handing it to one particular person. Idk x_x Maybe he got scared? The fans were really going crazy, just to get that rose :/ He gave the candy to the AR side this time.
He was saying random Engrish again XD I couldn't catch what the words, sorry >< All I can remember is... "Are you guys having a great time?" or something like that. LOL, I should've brought a notepad~

During Wrong Number, Yunho was the one who messed up XD LOL! What happened, leader-sshi? I think he's wondering why he messed up during both days :P During the first day, he tripped during Balloons and this time, he was late in pulling out his gun. He was the one who "died" at this show XD;

Purple Line was awesome like the day before 8D I was singing along, but sometimes, I catch myself trying to sing the Japanese lyrics D:
I wanted to record the awesome Yunho video that was on the screen during his rap part T_T Grar. It's not in the Seoul Concert broadcast~

They added Thai subtitles to 낮달 / Natdal (Min's lullaby). It wasn't there during Day 1 8D

Love in the Ice, Don't Say Goodbye, Insa ♥
Definitely one of the highlights of the concert! TVXQ Event's Memory in Blue Project was a success! :D
According to some friends, Junsu cried a bit when the fans were waving these glowsticks. I won't blame him T_T It must have been overwhelming to see the fans wave those glowsticks, even though it must have been done before. Oh Su~

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

I know, I know... The glowsticks aren't exactly blue, but it did turn to this after the concert:
(So pretty ♥)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Yunho MUST have been aware of the mistake that he did the day before, that's why he really blocked the dancer's face when they were about to "kiss." HAHAHAHA! Jae must have gotten mad, lol.
Oh yeah! Yoonhothailand had a mini project for Ho 8D The SH zone (+SI and SG?) were to whip out green glowsticks and it was really cool!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

YooSu twice in a row was XDDD I saw the two gyrating their hips towards each other in Xiahtic again. So I wasn't imagining things D: Let's just say... Chun sporting a ponytail + purple jacket = beyond hot XD

Crazy Love (if I remember correctly) was unforgettable for all YunJae fans 8D Remember the 'accidental smack' that I was talking about during the Day 1 FA? Maybe Jae really did get mad XD Near the end of the song, Jae really ran after Yunho like... lovers in a park or something. I heard my sister gasp beside me. LOL!

During the latter songs, they were running around, touching the fans' hands and smiling at them. Somebody to Love, Hahaha Song and Sky, I think. Once again, the fans sitting in the front rows of the S zones are really, really lucky! At our side, Jae, Yoochun, Yunho and Changmin were touching the outstretched hands of the fans. I didn't see Su do the same, unfortunately. (Did he?)

And just omg at Yunho's fanservice. I don't remember the song, but he was really, really looking soulfully at the fans at the SJ, SK, etc. zones. Really *dies all over again* Those doe-shaped eyes are afhdkfdsf XDD
I got a bit pissed off because some girl threw a stuff animal to the stage and Yunho almost tripped >:/
Yoochun was really happy that day and when he came to our side, he was grinning and smiling and looking flirtatiously at the fans in the zone to our left. HAHAHA :D
I was a bit disappointed in Jae because he seemed to be avoiding contact with the fans during the first part of the concert. His mood improved after, I think. He was touching the fans hands and he even took a towel 8D Hahahaha! I think the girl was convulsing or something, lol.
Changmin wasn't really smiling, but he keep on looking up to the fans *melts*
And Su... He danced for a bit on a mini stage near us and he looked adorable, lol~ I can't seem to remember anything else ><

That's it XD And oh! We all thought that they were going to come out for another song, because the staff were re-arranging the 'tracks' and stuff for the moving stage. We stayed for quite a bit. Turns out they just wanted to place the moving stage at the back.
Oh, yeah. We got rained on after the concert. Woooooh! 8D

...and now, I'm having separation anxiety ): I want to see them again in Beijing / Taiwan (but I'll be pushing my luck already) ><

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Fan account by: diana© @ OneTVXQ.com / xxtranscendence @ LJ

Zone: AR
(May contain some typos *coughs*)

Note: I did not watch the broadcast of the Seoul Concert nor the full fancams of the Nanjing Concert before this ^^;
Pictures: They were all taken using my sister's BlackBerry. Sorry, that's the best we could do T_T We were able to sneak in a Sony 7.2 MP and a Canon 12.1 MP, but security was really, really tight. They were quick to catch rule-breakers and though some were able to get away with it, we didn't want to risk it, lol. We could have taken good pictures, but we didn't really plan ahead :/

When we were lining up, this chick tried to cut in front of my sister, but my sister gave her the evil eye and told her to go back to her original line. Scary O_O I know this is kind of mean, but I LOL-ed when the security pushed her (and I mean REALLY pushed her) to go back to her original place XD;

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Previous fan accounts said that the opening video was kinda lame. I thought it was kinda cool 8D The sound effects were amazing and I was really getting hyped up. Yuu and I were already clinging to each other (lol, we were joined at the hip during the entire duration of the concert). If you're going to a concert next time, I THINK it's a good idea to cling to a friend. We didn't fall down despite the scary ahjumma attacks O_O Anyway, the boys appeared one by one in swirls of water / light in this order, I think: Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun, Yunho, Changmin *memory loss*
They all looked really cool, but the one who stood out the most was Yunho. Omfg, his expressions were really... sensual. And I mean, really. Yuu and I were screaming so loud already!
I think the level of screams for each of the boys were equal (: Gotta love the Thai fans!

HEY! (Don't bring me down) was awesome, even though it was lipsynched. This version of HEY! had a heavier beat and there were "Oohhh" parts. The beat would really get to you akdhad *spazzes* Yunho... Omg, he was right above our heads! He was to be carried over to the middle. I was staring up at him, opening and closing my mouth like a fish because he was really THAT good-looking up close! He had this intense expression on his face, it was almost scary. He's really getting into it, hahaha~ Yunho = Adonis (Yep, that's about right XD)
And Jae... I know Jae's not the best dancer, but the way he moves is really hypnotizing @_@ He was in the middle, so we could really see him dance. He's graceful in his own way *coughs* 8D

Are You a Good Girl?
was really, really hot (even though they lipsynched it again). Su-butt was really working it, especially since the dance had a lot of hip-shaking 8D They were being filmed individually and the middle screen, plus the two screens on each side would show their faces, two members each on each side screen and one on the middle. The first time a screen showed YunJae, the fans screamed their heads off XD Same with YooSu.
LOL. Thailand loves their YunJae. And YooSu 8D

Next was Rising Sun (Extended Version). They lipsynched it again, but it was still awesome. I almost went blind and deaf with the amount of fireworks. Everything went white for a second for me because the explosion was really powerful D: The green, red and orange fireworks were really cool XD The area was already so smoky~
Yuu pointed out that Yunho made a mistake because he was supposed to step behind Junsu, but he lingered a bit longer *pats him*

I usually skip Paradise and Rainbow on the album, but it was really, really good live! Their voices were really, really good <3 In Paradise, you could really see their muscles on the large screens XD And Rainbow... Guh, I don't remember much about it. They wore white jackets over their HEY! outfits, I think. I've come to appreciate the songs more after hearing them live. Hmmm... I think I'll listen to tracks 7 and 8 after this, lol.

Ment time! Lol, it was obvious that everything was scripted because they kept on looking / reading something in front of them. I guess it's necessary because they have to include Thai subtitles for the fans to understand. Lol, my Korean is fail and my Thai is non-existent so I just stood there, staring at the video (as if I will magically understand what they're saying XD) And then Changmin said something something "HUG." That's the only part I understood XD

The rock version of Hug came next. I think Jae's really happy because we all know he loves using his rocker voice. The energy level was so high and all the fans were jumping up and down. The four molested Changmin again and I think Yunho's hand wanders around too much, omg, leader-sshi 8D;
Everyone screamed when Yoochun went directly to the side staircase while the other four exited in another direction. I guess that's the cue for his solo ^^

He reappeared in jeans, a hat and... red Chucks, I think? I couldn't see it properly. Yoochun's such a grease ball. Even his dance was greasy XD But hahaha, we very much enjoyed it, nevertheless. The sounds were his footsteps (like the sound tap-dancing shoes make) and the zipping up of his pants. I wonder if his pants were really unzipped o_O *shot*
He said some English / Chungrish. I think it was "Are you guys having fun?" (or maybe that was during the second day, lol) and the fans went all wild. Well, Chungrish is really hot XD *fans self* The vase of flowers popped up and the people from our zone (AR) rushed to the side and extended their arms in hopes of receiving the rose from him. Ahhhh... That one girl is so lucky. But the grease doesn't stop there! XD He went to the AL side and we thought he was going to give another rose. But he said, "Here's some candy for you." LOL everyone went crazy~ Oh Chun 8D He was asking, "What do you guys want to hear?" He played a bit of Fox Rain and Evergreen and then...

Love Bye Love was awesome T_T I cried a bit because he was totally feeling the song <3 I think he's feeling alright now because his voice doesn't sound... bleh anymore ^^; *killed* I guess he's over his flu or something? I got tearful during the song ;_; It was really beautiful~

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

The fan cheers shifted from "Park Yoochun! Park Yoochun!" to "Kim Jaejoong! Kim Jaejoong!"
Jae was wearing this sleevless white coat / whatever it is that would've looked looked weird on someone else, but he pulled it off really well. I don't remember the title of the song, but it was really, really good! Jae's voice was really powerful that I can't help but just stare at him, mesmerized. I forgot to wave my glowstick XP He was belting out note after note, it was amajjing! Youngwoong Jaejoong jjang 8D

A video of Changmin appeared and I think he was lying down with his legs crossed. Mmmm <3 He was wearing a suit and he sang Upon This Rock, I think. LOL I didn't even realise he was singing in English o_O But yeah... His voice was really powerful! He was trying to reach these high notes, and... *coughs* I applaud his effort XD

The Wrong Number gunfight was. Scorching. Hot. I have no other words for it 8D They were fighting the bad guys and they were shooting people and stuff. Jae was the first one who came out and his torso was all bandaged up like Yunho and he was staring intently at his gun, as if wondering what to do with it. Concentrating!Jae is adjkhdkja *spazzes* Yunho was up next and dang... He knows how to work that gun XD *wipes off nosebleed* Chun was wearing a hat in the video and he looked suave as ever XP Changmin looked all serious and he was shooting the bad guys with two guns. <3 at all the sexy poses! *dies* Su was hiding and he was trying not to get shot. And then he uses this cart (I think it was moving too slowly XD) and he manages to kill everyone (how, I don't know. I swear he would've been shot first because the cart was too slow. Oh well, that's what the director said~)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Changmin was the one who messed up this time XD I went all "Wtf?" because he was trying to get his gun not from his belt or something, but from the inside of his coat o_O Changmin's the one who "died" in this concert date XP The platform moved towards the main stage and the part where they were dancing and pointing the guns to their heads was just too much for me 8D I saw the fancams before and I can't believe I saw the smex part live >< *slaps self*

PURPLE LINE! Guuhh~ We finally saw Jae work it 8D Krumping!TVXQ (lol) was beyond awesome! Su had a dance solo and... *falls to the floor* Yunho's "Yo! CHICK it!"
Okay, it's "Check it!" but w/e XD That' what we've been hearing, lol~ There was this really cool video of Yunho when he was rapping. He was doing his rapping in it. All psychedelic colours~ <3
The fans were shouting the usual "Purple line, let me set up my world!" I screamed "I really wanna touch myself" and I was wondering why no one around me did the same... LOL

Next was this really, really cute video :D Props to the person who thought of the concept! Junsu was in his "old school" and there were red balloons tied to a jungle gym / monkey bars. He was smiling and all, as if reminiscing about stuff. He let them fly and here comes the awesome cartoon ^^ The cartoon was showing drawn pictures of the boys when they were young and then it would become a snapshot of the real photo.
You can watch the video here (:
Balloons (Bossa Nova Ver.) was really awesome ^^ Yunho tripped as he was going up the steps. Dork ><

Changmin's lullaby song (낮달 / Natdal) (Thank you, Daddy mrskimj_j ^^) was good too~ Jaejoong the Dork was riding his bike, Yunho looked happy with his umbrella and Yoochun was next with his bat wings and he looked like he was swimming instead of flying :/ ROFL! Junsu the Witch / Wizard looked dandy with his broomstick and when he was about to reach the end, he twirled it around like a baton 8D Cute~ This might sound cheesy, but I closed my eyes for a bit when Changmin was singing ^^; It's a good thing I wasn't pummeled to the ground because it was really a battlefield in the AR zone D:

Love in the Ice, Don't Say Goodbye and Insa ♥ Hearing them live was beyond awesome T_T Yuu cried during Love in the Ice and I took one look at her and cried myself, omg >< It was Hug from SMTOWN all over again. I cried when they first came out and my sister looked at me and she also cried ;_; Don't Say Goodbye was really good, too. I normally skip this track but after hearing them sing it... Just wow D:
I've always been floored by Insa when I first heard it back in 2006 and I feel a bit teary-eyed whenever I listen to it. That's why when the platform that they boys were standing on was lifted up and the white confetti was released into the air, I really cried, Insa's good as an mp3, but... Live, it was epic T_T

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
This is my sister's current wallpaper on her phone (:

It's Dance Battle time! It's Yunho vs. Junsu (: In the video, Yunho was dancing with the water splashing around him (think BoA's IDIFL) and I thought, "The concept's getting old, lol~" but it was hot, no doubt (: Su was... idk how to describe it. I didn't really like the choreography ^^;
I didn't really like Xiahtic before, but I came to realise it was cool too *coughs* People were expecting Key to come out, but lol, Chun came out instead XD Oh, the YooSu~ At the end of the song, they went to the catwalk thing by the BL/BR zones and they GYRATED THEIR HIPS TOWARDS EACH OTHER O_O <-- my face, lol. YooSu should be made illegal XD *dies*
Btw, Chun looked really happy when the female dancers were touching him *slaps* XD

Checkmate left me pretty much disgruntled because I think Yunho was enjoying it a bit too much XD During the first time, I swear Yunho and the girl's lips touched, lol. The dancer pulled back and she looked pretty surprised herself. But she was a professional, so she didn't react after that. Yunho slapped her butt lightly and the fans were going nuts 8D And then they pretended to kiss and we walked out.
LOL, kidding XP

MIROTIC. WAS. AMAZING!!! Really D: It was my first time seeing it live because they freakin' lipsynched it during SMTOWN. Blargh. They were playing the promo video of the concert, only it came with a slower version of the song. Junsu was the only one singing it, I think. I'm not entirely sure because when I watched the Seoul broadcast, some other guy was singing it :/ I loved it~ This performance was just epic <33 The hip thrusts were awesome XD Junsu was really into it as usual and I can't help but laugh at Changmin. I'm so sorry, Changmin fans, but he really looked awkward *dies*

There was a video of Changmin (and Junsu, I think) and they were playing the guitar. And then everything burst into colour. I don't know what the video is for, though~
They performed The Way U Are and honestly, I don't remember much about it. Sorry @_@ I still liked the original and I wanted to see Chun doing this sexy thing with his fingers, ROFL.

Somebody to Love was really, really fun :D They were all hyper and jumping all over the place and stuff. Chun shouted "Bangkok!" (I think) after the "Love, love, love" part (: The crowd went wild!

Crazy Love! This is one of my favourite songs in their album, too bad it's underrated. Oh well. idk if it's just me, but Changmin sounded a bit off-key during the first line. "Gaseume dugo I've been hurting so much modu bandaehaneun geunyeoneun naui number 1," the bolded part was synthesized, but Junsu's "yeokshi deo naeun L O V E reul gidaehamyeo salji hajiman geugeon naega aniji" wasn't. Hahaha, I just wanted to point that out XD I screamed the "L O V E" part so loud and I got a few stares because of that, hahaha.

It's Encore time! The screen was showing a huge Nintendo DS Lite and the words "REPLAY" and "QUIT" were flashing on the screen. Fans were screaming "REPLAY REPLAY" (but we all know they would, anyway) XD I told my sister that if we keep shouting "REPLAY REPLAY," SHINee might come out O_O Lol, lame, I know. Anyway, they came out in their colourful pants and MIROTIC shirts and sang the Hahaha Song. They were all high with energy 8D They were chasing each other in circles and Ho and Su did this... jellyfish-like dance with their legs. So cute! And is Changmin in pain or something? He's always bending, one hand on his stomach ._.

Sky was LOL as ever XD My eldest sister had this "Wtf?" look on her face because of Yunho's rapping at the beginning. "The crusting waves and the coor coor briz, I send dis tings as a gift to you *randon Engrish here*" *dies* His English didn't get better XD *shot*
My friend told me that Chun kissed a baby on the cheek? I don't know. I was too far to see it, I guess.

Song for you was okay. I'm not really fond of the song in Japanese, so I just focused on the stuff they were doing instead. They were walking around and some fans even touched them. alkfhdsf it was so funny because as soon as it was over, the girls would pretend to faint XDD Lucky girls~ Never wash your hands again! 8D I saw Jae pick up a YAMAHA noise maker (the long, red one with "YAMAHA" in white) but I didn't see what he did with it after? Maybe he threw it away *shrugs*

Tonight... I never expected to hear it live in a million years, so it felt a bit surreal @_@ Guuh, I was so overwhelmed that I almost cried again T_T I was shouting "Stolen my soul, stolen my heart" and swaying like a drunkard and Yuu was laughing beside me. Lol, sorry. A moment of temporary insanity there D:

And then it was over ): Junsu said, "See you again!" in his adorable Engrish and my sisters and I went, "See you tomorrow!" XD adhkjhf excited!

Wooohh! I am done with this long-a$$ fan account XD *jumps up and down* Be back with Day 2 (:
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Fan account by: diana© @  OneTVXQ.com / xxtranscendence @  LJ

(May contain some typos *coughs*)

Okay, this was supposed to be written hours and hours ago, but I felt so battered so I took a hot shower first and was supposed to write this already... I sent the (very few) pictures that we took using my sister's BlackBerry for O! <3 I fell asleep right after. I think I was snoring hahaha~
Anyway, this fan account would contain stuff not 100% related to the concert XD I might as well write a personal entry / fan account now (:

My sisters and I woke up at around 6:00 am to get ready, and we went down for breakfast at around 7:00. I have to be battle-ready this time because I was dead on my feet during the SMTOWN gig last February. Three plates of food is a lot (I normally eat just one XD) but w/e 8D Rice and meat, bread (French toast, Danish, etc.) and fresh fruit ~ yum 8D

We left the hotel at around 9:00 am using the hotel's transportation service. It's more convenient than taking cabs, btw (: We didn't have to worry about going to and from the stadium ^^ We arrived at the arena at about 10:00 am and we immediately saw the large TVXQ banner. My sisters and I were already spazzing that the driver can't help but laugh XD Well, what can we do? THIS IS IT! :D :D :D

We lined up for the concert goods already and the booth was supposed to open at 11:00 but they decided to push it back an hour. ARGH @_@ So we have to wait for about two hours. It's a good thing the line wasn't really long when we got there (:

For the meantime... Do you guys remember OneTVXQ.com's STAND BY YOU; fansigns of encouragement project? Well, it was in my backpack together with the (late) Yoochun birthday project. Better late then never XD *dies* I talked to my contact last night but I can't seem to reach her through her phone at that time. I was telling myself, "Do not panic." I ran out of saliva talking to both the Thai and Korean staff in English. The Thai staff are generally nice, but they can't seem to understand what I'm saying ^^; The Korean staff... LOL. To those who went, do you guys remember this Korean guy who was wearing glasses? He was kinda cute, lol He listened to me as I was telling him about the project, but he didn't know anything about Tokyo Dome. Wow, right? =_=; He told me to wait for the other staff (his superiors, I think) and I was all, "Okay." and I wandered off, checking every now and then their booth. I finally got to talk to this guy in a sleeveless yellow shirt (and the funny feminine gray footwear O_O) but he was really snobby. Okaaay :/

We finally bought the Bangkok MIROTICON goods and the pictures are right here. Guh, we're broke =_=; The bromide pictures are different from the Seoul Ver. that can be bought / used to be available on YesAsia. The USB was really adorable XD Yuu, Rella unnie and Dawn unnie asked me to buy 6 USBs and 2 straps. Wow, that's a lot XD Use them wisely, lol~
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I met up with Yuu (suke33), Rella unnie (ohluluvoodoo) and Dawn unnie and we were going around and around the arena, talking to the staff (I didn't call my contact anymore because I want to get it done asap!). We stopped this guy wearing a blue button-down shirt and we repeated the stuff that we've been saying for the past 30 minutes or so. He was really, really nice and he didn't even hesitate when he said yes to our request D: He told us that he will deilver directly to the boys and I couldn't believe my ears. When he agreed, I was a bit stunned and said, "No, really? Really? Are you sure??" And he was saying, "Yes, yes, yes~" *dies*

We still didn't know for sure if he will really take the gift bag so we walked around for a bit, keeping an eye on him. He was looking around, surveying the 4nologue and AMC exhibits, I think. Finally, he took the bag and went inside. afkjdks *crosses fingers* My sisters and I saw him again a few hours later and I greeted him the Thai way ("wai").

Now that the project's under control, we can now go around the venue :D My sister and I came across someone who was selling MIROTIC Concert goods from Seoul. And she has the stamp set, omg. Finally! We bought stamp sets, the black shirt and the card case. We were running low on baht, so we paid her in dollars. Picture *happy*

We lined up already because gates open at 4:00 pm. Yuu wrapped her dslr in her animal suit and stuffed the whole thing in my backpack XD It's a good thing I decided to bring a huge, huge bag~ My sister's good in smuggling in stuff so we got through inspection safely (she was carrying two cameras that we weren't able to use, ugh =_=) Yuu managed to sneak in her camera, too. High five :D

Btw, some ___ ahjummas were really annoying, pushing people around. The guards didn't notice when they snuck in line. Wtf. They're really scaaaary.
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No photobook and stamp set XD

Please do not hotlink. Thank you :D
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Day 1 of the concert, here we go :D We're leaving in 30 minutes or so (it's 8:30 am here) because we want to get there early to get the concert goods 8D

Ahhhh, so excited! Meeting up with OneTVXQ people later~ *points to some people on my f-list* 12:00 - 1:00 pm by the concert goods stand (or something). I'm wearing a pink and white striped top *clears throat*

So, yeah. Damn damn damn, I hope we can take good pictures later. I heard security will be extra strict this time around *nervous*
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